Monday, June 4, 2018

This and that edition of the Flames

The Flames are over the place. They are letting teams know they are interested in getting into the first round. The names that are being thrown around in the wonderful world of the internet are Hamilton, Brodi, and especially Fox. The word is that the Flames are getting worried that he might not sign.

Obviously, the Flames would love to get Tkachuck, but we all know that is not likely to happen unless the Hamilton trade happens. There are a few teams with more than one pick, namely the Islanders and Rangers. Finding a right winger has to be a top priority.

The trials of and tribulations of finding a right winger. For the last little while, the Flames have tried to get Fereland, Brouwer, and Bennett. That is why the major rumour of bringing in Kessle is so huge. Although his rep is not the best, it would give the Flames the biggest name since Iggy on the right wing. The right wing is a real eyesore; it has to be addressed soon. The other option, of course, is young Spencer Foo. Is he ready? My honest opinion is not quite yet.

Another rumour is the same old, same old, only this time it makes sense. The rumour I am talking about is Brodie and Hamilton. With the emergence of  Valimaki,  Andersson, and Kylington all ready to battle for a spot, the Flames may have to make room for the kids. Defence is a logjam and the Flames will have some decessions to make on which route to take.

Another rumour is that the Flames are dangling the rights to Fox. Word is that the Flames might be concerned about trying to sign him. They may see a package acquiring a first-round pick.

The Flames are heavily addressing the need for first round pick. They are letting teams know they're open for business. Although getting a pick in the top 5 out is out of the question, there are still more options. The Isles, the Rangers,  the Flyers, and the Wings all have more than one pick. It is believed that Brodie is bait for a first pick (Islanders) and Hamilton is the bait for landing a top RW.

So within a couple of weeks, I will be doing a blog, discussing what the Flames might do in the Draft and who they might pick.

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