Friday, October 20, 2017

The State of the Union Calgary Flames

So what do we know about the Flames so far?


The Flames still have not found a home for the top right winger. It seems they have tried Lazar, who was not bad but still does not quite have the skill to match up with Monahan and Gaudreau. Ferland, now injured, was not looking good at all. He is day-to-day. Maybe he will be given another chance. Jagr has had his chance and has looked the best so far. I am worried about the speed, so I am not sure he is the best fit there. Time will tell on if the Flames get this issue fixed.

Mike Smith

Mike is the MVP so far through the first six games. He was particularly outstanding in Southern California where the Ducks and Kings were by far the better teams. Smith has been steady and consistent so far, and he has been reliable through and through. His stickhandling with the puck has helped the Flames forwards and defensemen.  The only thing that worries me is the amount of rubber he has faced. The Flames have to buckle down and give them some support.

The monster has been slain

Call it what you want, but the Flames finally found a way to win at the Honda Centre. They had a goalie who stood on his head, but as my wife says: "he is part of the team." I cannot state this enough. The Flames proved they could play with the big boys with this win.  The Ducks were a wounded duck, but a win is a win.

A bad habit is forming

The Flames have been guilty of not playing a full sixty minutes. Most games, the Flames have not put in a full effort. So far, the Flames have been outplayed. The Flames have to squash this. They have the talent, but sometimes talent is not enough.  They cannot fall into being a lazy team; they must be kicked in the butt as quickly as possible.


The Flames look like they are beginning to overcome the nightmare of a slow start. The ability to play a full sixty minutes will make this team even stronger. The mystery of the first line right-winger has to be solved sooner or later.

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